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Get Custom Free Domain For All [2019]

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2019)
get custom free domain for all
Free Custom Domain

Custom domain can be costly especially for those who are newbie but want to make their own website. It is the same for me, I do not want to throw my money on something that I do not even know the probability of me success in doing it.

Custom domain can range from .COM the most popular to .xyz – the cheapest domain. But we still need to pay for them. I still remember when I bought two domains without doing anything with it. I just lost. Do not know what to do. Same with you guys who still new in this website stuff.

Do Not Jump Without Checking the Water

My advice even if you want to jump in the water, just make sure you have your life support with you. Same with free domain!

Here are some of my favorite free domain where they give you access to DNS Management – so that you can host it using other hosting!

1. NameCheap

Student can get free .me domain from Namecheap Education Program. They provide you with 1 year free .me domain without paying anything.

You need to have your .edu email before getting this domain. As long as your .edu email is valid, you can have it for 1 year free.

To get this domain, go to NameCheap and you can check if your favorite domain name still available.

Free Domain .me

Click on find button and you will be notify if the domain still available or not. If yes, continue to complete order. There you will see the total is 0.00$. After that you will be directed to last page where they asked for .edu email.

Unfortunately this offer available only for US, UK, CA and AU universities. Though you still have luck! Register for Github Student developer Pack – they accept all .edu email buy at ebay. Once you register there, use the same email to finish this domain registration.

register custom free domain
github free domain
Github Developer Pack

Congratulations on getting your custom domain. Note that Namecheap tends to give big promotions on their website as low as 0.42$. So make sure to check it out.

2. Dot.TK

The whole internet community already know about this particular domain. This free domain are given for lifetime with no string attach.

Luckily all members from any countries are allowed to register this domain. Unfortunately, .tk domain is really popular among spammer and adware so be careful when using this domain.

Though no need to worry about not getting ads as I can still use Adsense using this free domain.

get free domains for all Free Domain

It is hard for me to find a beautiful name that using .tk domain. Maybe this also become one of the challenge you need to go through before having a decent domain name for free.

3. Freenom

Freenom give you free custom domain – .TK / .ML / .CF / .GQ / .GA which not as good as .COM domain but if you research about unique names, it can help making your domain looks really custom made.

For example – with .ML domain you can use “ /” or if you want to use .GA – just use “ /“. Just think out of the box and you can get your cool free custom domain free of charge!

Just be careful, there are many complain about how Freenom taking back their free domain when the domain start to rank. If your experimental website succeed out of your expectation, you can bought the domain and transfer it to other trusted registrar such as Porkbun or Namesilo.

most popular free domain for all
Free / Paid domains


Though I list it here, this domain is lean into non-profit organisation. Charity, religious, or even volunteer website is more than welcome to use this domain. Unfortunately, they do not provide DNS hosting but they do give NS records.

To use, they have some limitations (?). Check it here.

They also provide other sub-domain such as

To get the domain just register at here. It is really suitable if you want to make education, government or even tourist-like website which is the visitor are focus on Europe. It make your website looks really reliable.


This french website offer a few short sub-domain that looks really decent.


It gave you option whether you want to redirect or add the NS (NameServer) if you already have hosting. The redirect have 2 types:

Redirection by frame: the url of your site is hidden, only your Nitrogen domain is visible 
Direct redirection: the url of your site is visible in the address bar of the navigator of your visitors 

custom domain free french free custom domain

Use Domain DNS, IP Domain and CNAME domain only when you already have available hosting. If you have the free WordPress website with as it domain you should use redirection by frame.

From to <– This is the url that your visitor will see.

6. FreeDns

list of free custom domain for all

FreeDns give many free decent sub-domain. You can try register there to get those so custom domain. After all it is free. If it did not working there is no need to worry. Just go to the next free domain.

Because I have not try it, there is no guarantee if the free custom domain for all people. Maybe there are some restriction.

Honorable Mention

P/s: Be sure to reply below if there are any decent free domain. If you have another recommendation, I will be really happy if you share it here. Any experience using free domain? How it goes? Did you manage to achieve something using free domain?

Disclaimer :- Free domain are very dangerous as you did not own it, as long as you use it for test or experience its fine. But if it for your long term website, its better to buy domain. There are some out there that cost as little as 0.40$/year. 

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